Feng Shui Tips to Improve the Energy of a Home

Here are simple Feng Shui tips and techniques you can use to alter the energy and create a positive environment which promotes wellbeing, improves wealth and promotes love.

  1. Space Cleansing: At The conclusion of every onsite Feng Shui consultation I tackle the most energetic cleansing of a space with the Chen Pi Purification Space Cleanup method, which is just like the Native American custom of smudging with sage however, the majority of the time, it is even more effective.

This purification is Carried out with both fresh orange peel and aged dried tangerine skin, known as Chen Pi, which is available in both Chinese food and drug shops. This method alone produces a dramatic improvement in the energy that your space.

  1. Life Energy: One of The cheapest and best methods for turning a space into a house is by incorporating life energy such as actual plants, fresh flowers and delicious fruit. Have a look at the higher-end catalogs and home magazines. You will notice they all have one of those 3 items in every photograph.
  1. Pets: Having pets Can increase the chi of a house or space. Their movement, energy and sound can circulate the chi of a distance and ease the movement of stagnant or stuck energy.
  1. Lights: The simple Act of adding light into a space might help not just the feeling of a room but also the way you experience a distance. Consider having particular lights on a timer to welcome you home when you walk in the door at night and notice how it feels. This may also be displayed on the exterior of a home to raise the chi energy.
  1. Feng Shui Consultant: One way is to hire a professional consultant that will assist you alter the energy of the area where they can concentrate and adapt the mundane aspects like addressing the observable factors while reviewing and adjusting the invisible elements of a space. Oftentimes, after I see a distance, people report filling a gap in the space straight away by describing it feeling lighter, experiencing higher degree of power and new opportunities.
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  1. Religious / Spiritual Masters: Depending on your faith, you can integrate the leaders of your religion to go to your space and examine or bless the distance. In severe conditions or difficult situations, some will employ Tibetan lamas to really chant inside a space for many hours and conduct blessing procedures.
  1. Blessing Methods: There are numerous blessing methods which may be offered by religious leaders and religious masters that could alter the energy of a house. For the person, the simple act of filling a bowl with water and orange peels feng shui consultation, stating your goal and walking throughout the area while sprinkling the water could offer a blessing that is known as the Housewarming blessing technique.